ribbonSimpsononymous is a cake collaboration consisting of 30+ cake and sugar artists celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TV Show “The Simpsons” and helping to spread the word of cancer prevention and awareness, hence an artistic edible mashup! These artists come from points all over the world! Each artist “chose” a beloved Simpsons character and recreated it in cake or sugar form, but incorporated an artistic “twist”.  This “twist” being to use an art form ( impressionism, pop art, surrealism, etc) or to remake a famous sculpture or painting in Simpsons form!

While putting together this collaboration it came to our attention that one of the co-creators of “The Simpsons”; Sam Simon had been diagnosed with cancer.  We decided to dedicate this collaboration in his honor and use our skills to help pass along info and links concerning cancer prevention, awareness and support! Many in our group have been touched by cancer in some form including myself.  I am the spouse of a cancer survivor and I know how important it is to get all the information and support necessary to combat this disease.  And what a great, fun way to help spread our love of “The Simpsons”  and get the word out about cancer support!

Below are some links to Cancer organizations, hospitals, treatments centers and support groups :